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New DOT Regulations

There are new  DOT Regulations concerning employees possessing a CDL. The Link will guide you in the registration process. This affects any members driving commercial vehicles for an employer. This is a new mandate and you  must be registered on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Drug & Alcohol Clearing House website to eligible for hire.  


Please see the special requirements for mechanics with rigs over 26,000 GVW

  Mechanics with CDL An O/O will have to register as both a driver and an owner operator in the Clearinghouse if they will be acting as a motor carrier during part of the year and a driver during others. They can register as both under one account. They need to first register as an employer and then once that is done associate their CDL. As long as they correctly identify as an O/O during registration their dashboard will remind them to link their CDL to their account until they do. Once they setup both there will be a drop down by the logout button where they can select driver or the employer name and that switches their role back and forth.