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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


(Training is open to IUOE Local 465 members that are in good standing)

IUOE Training Center 

Crosby, Texas

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IUOE Training Center 

Crosby, Texas

Register for Classes Now!

About the

International Training & Education Center

The International Training & Education Center is the largest and most comprehensive training facility for union Operating and Stationary Engineers in North America. This world-class facility was designed by a blue-ribbon panel of Local Training Coordinators and IUOE staff to develop and improve the skills of our members, instructors, and staff in order to meet the needs of our members and our industry. The training center will augment and enhance the training opportunities delivered by our local union programs and demonstrates our commitment to high-quality skills training to our signatory contractors, general contractors, and owners.

Training Center Overview

This state-of-the-art facility contains everything needed to host, support, and develop the skills of a constantly expanding and varied group of construction and maintenance professionals.

The International Training Center offers:

  • 265 acre campus
  • 8,120 square foot conference space with seating for up to 900 people
  • 17 classrooms and labs
  • 15+ pad crane field
  • Simulator rooms
  • Heavy equipment mechanics shop
  • Welding bays
  • Central utility plant with training redundancies
  • 227 room dormitory, fitness center, and full dining facilities
  • Proximity to major airports in the Houston area


Training Schedules 

To download a copy of the Stationary Training course Schedule click HERE. Please contact Russell Duke with any questions at rduke@iuoe.org.

To view the General Construction Training course Schedule click HERE. Please contact Chris Treml with any questions at ctreml@iuoe.org.

To download a copy of the 2021 Pipeline Training Course Schedule click HERE. Please contact Bryan Abel with any questions at babel@iuoe.org or Assistant Training Director Keith Hoover at KHoover@iuoe.org.